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How it Works

1. Select Your Filter

Choose your furnace filter from our
wide range of options

2. Pick Your Frequency

Choose how often you would like new filters shipped to your home

3. Receive Your Filters

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The Benefits of Onefiltra

✓ Reduction of hydro costs
When changing filter as per recommended can save you between $56 and $217 annually

✓ Cleaner air free of contaminants and virus carriers
Changing your filter as per recommended will provide cleaner air to breathe, helping to reduce viruses in your home during flew season

✓ Prevent breakdown and repairs of HVAC equipment
No one likes an unexpected repair bill and furnace breakdown in January, changing your furnace filer as recommended will prevent unexpected interruptions and expensive repair bills

✓ Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
When the furnace has to work harder to maintain the desired temperature because of a clogged filter, that also means that it has to burn more oil, natural gas or propane to do so, which releases unnecessary greenhouse gases.

Changing your furnace filters as recommended
is good for your wallet and the environment


Save on average, $137 on your hydro bill annually


You save the equivalent of 137 litres of gas annually


Prevents releasing 317kg of Co2 in the environment annually

Our Filters


✓ Pollen    ✓ Lint    ✓ Dust
✓ Mold    ✓ Mites    ✓ Bacteria
✓ Skin Flakes

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Vital Ultra

✓ Everything from MERV 11 +
✓ Pet Dander    ✓ Virus Carriers

Our most effective filter

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